To Save America from Anchor Babies
Demand that liberals Erase the 14th Amendment!!
America only for real Americans, remove the 14th Amendment!!
To Save America call now at:  (855) ERASE-14 / (855) 372-7314

Dear 'real' America,  I am an Anchor Baby.

Why would I admit I am an anchor baby, yet want to erase the 14th Amendment?  Because I saw the truth and, now that I see the truth, I want to join the Tea Party.  But, before I can do so, the Lord above instructed me and said that I must first confess and shed my past sins.  To receive His white light, I have to publicly repent my anchor baby ways and then I can walk the path towards recovery with the real America.  Yes, this may be a lot to ask for.  Still, I pray you’ll see my confession is sincere and forgive my past evil, anchor baby ways. 

I'll start by confessing that the right wing conservative party - along with FOX News, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Chris O’Donnell, Senator Russell Pearce, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Katrina Pierson, Rick Santorum, David H. Koch and Charles Koch (The Koch brothers) and the Tea Party National Review are right.  Anchor babies have invaded America.. we're here, we're multiplying fast, we enjoy stealing your American dream and, I confess, we actually love leaving real Americans with nothing!

But I’ll also say, it's not our fault.  Simply put, the liberals made us do it.  I know, I know, this sounds controversial but it’s the truth.  See, when liberals said they wanted to spread your wealth that was an open invitation for us to come to America and take, from real Americans, what we've wanted to take all along.  I mean, who doesn't want the American dream?  Your underfunded public schools where kids carry guns and get shot all the time... we want those just for us. Your minimum wage jobs with no retirement plans... we want those too.  Your overpriced health insurance plans where benefits are denied... you guessed it right, we want those just for us. Your bank bail outs, the billions of dollars in giveaways... well, we definitely want those too but we've yet to figure out how to apply for them.

My point is, it’s not our fault America is so 'gosh-darned' perfect and the liberals carelessly give it away.  They know we want it for us and this is exactly what is called entrapment. That proves we're also victims of the liberal agenda.
    Lord, please, show me the path towards the real America and, please, also bring me a Pepsi - or a Coke.. either one is fine.  Hallelujah, Praise the Lord.

The world must destroy commie pig, bloodsucking liberals because everyone is a victim of them... and I want to help lead the way.  As a matter of fact, there are two – not one but two, BIG SECRETS I will reveal in my confession here, secrets the liberal media is hiding!!    

Like I said, there are two secrets I'll reveal and it is information all socialists know about but, of course, they keep it a secret from the real America.  But first, I'll tell you the key to getting rid of illegal aliens and their anchor babies.  I have to tell you everything in this order because the Lord instructed me to.

If you want to save the real America… if you want to make sure America is only for the real Americans, those who are rightfully here today, then you must fully erase the 14th Amendment!!  

I know it’s not easy, some of you may even say this is a bit extreme.  But this is where the true patriots will be known, and it's the only way to take America back, this is the key.   The Lord above instructed me to tell you this and I am just HIS messenger.  Still, I will explain why He says this.  

A lot of good, well intentioned people just want to rewrite the 14th Amendment.  It is true, those of you who want to rewrite the 14th Amendment have pure and good intentions.   But good intentions just ain’t enough to save America anymore.  What we need in crucial times is real action. If we want to take America back, let's erase that evil anchor baby-attracting 14th Amendment now!

The 14th Amendment has brought America nothing but pain.  If we just change it, if we only rewrite it, foreigners will find another way to take advantage of whatever new 14th Amendment is rewritten.  Trust me, I know what I am talking about... I was raised by illegal aliens so I know how they think.  Think about it!

I am about to reveal one of the first secrets, so let me make this clear. When the Constitution just had 10 Amendments, things were fine.  Those were the good old days.  But we wanted more, greed took over.  So extra Amendments were added and that’s when it got screwy.  The slaves were freed, women were allowed to vote and foreigners started coming to America.  Yeah, when we just had the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment – foreigners weren’t even here yet.

During the good ole days of 1776, people didn’t come to America from other countries, no foreigners.  Heck, this was God’s country, and only European settlers (there were no Native Americans yet) lived here so why the heck would Europeans even need a 14th Amendment to make themselves American?  That's why they only had 10 Amendments back then, because the Europeans were already American!!  That's what all the liberals fail to understand.  You have to know your history.  If you want to take America back.. let’s go back to the way it was.  Erase the whole damn 14th Amendment because rewriting is just for pussies!!
  Give America back to our Founding Fathers, to our European settlers, to the only true and real Americans. 

Man, when I find out which liberal put the 14th amendment in there I won't vote for them again.  Like I said, the key to saving America is to erase the 14th Amendment.  Of course, to be extra sure, let's tighten security on that Mexican border
so that we can stop illegals, communists, gays and Muslims.

Ok, now I am finally ready to tell you the two big
...and I mean two BIG... important secrets.

But, first, I have something else to confess.   I love the phrase illegal alien and we have to fight to keep it.  Why?  Cause we can’t say spic, wetback or beaner anymore, liberals took that freedom away from us when they invented being 'politically correct'.   Well, that's a ploy for them to take everything that's American away from us.  You know what else we can’t say anymore… nigger.  But it's unconstitutional and I'll say whatever I want to say and whenever I want to… Nigger, nigger, nigger.  Spic, Spic, Spic.  By the way, chink and gook are almost on the way out too. Know what’s next?  Fag. Yeah, pretty soon we won’t be able to say faggot anymore either.  Liberals just wanna get rid of everything patriotic. 

But, one thing is for sure, everyone can still say illegal alien, and thank God!  Even the Democrats say illegal alien because they know the truth.  What truth is that?  Here is the first secret I am going to reveal to you, so read this carefully.  All the liberals know that all the illegal aliens weren’t born with any inalienable rights the way that everyone else was, and our Founding Fathers even said it.  Actually, they spelled it out but someone erased it.  You don’t believe me?  Well, then you can read it for yourself in The United States Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.  Here is what it actually says:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that except for the illegal aliens, all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of HappinessOnce again, except for illegal aliens.” – signed by The Founding Fathers. 

That is what it said in the original Declaration of Independence and I know for a fact some liberal erased the  “except for the illegal aliens” sentence from it!  Actually, a black guy who belongs to the Tea Party Movement told me all of this.   As you can see, he is not racist cause he is black.  So, he can’t be racist at all, and neither am I.

Here is the second secret I am about to reveal... the same liberals who removed the phrase ‘illegal alien’ from the Declaration of Independenc
e are also the same ones who created the fake American birth certificate for Barack Obama.  It's not a secret Obama was born in another country, everyone knows that, but what the media does not tell you is that he is also an illegal alien!!!

Fidel Castro, the Muslims and Chavez.. all these socialists… have a plan and Obama is part of it.  Their plan is to take over the real America by infiltrating it with illegal aliens.  This sounds crazy but they envy America so much so that they will do anything destroy it and that’s why anchorbabies exist. 

The worst part is that the liberals know this and that is why Barack Obama is President today.

There, I said it.  Now you know the full truth.  Our Founding Fathers wrote “except for the illegal aliens, all men are created equal” and Barack Obama is the Commander “Anchor Baby” in Chief and the liberal media is trying to hide that cause they want to take over the real, Sarah Palin, America. 

Trust me, this is the truth and the Lord revealed it to me when I saw His light.  That's why I broke ranks with the socialist-liberals, and joining the Tea Party Movement.  Praise the Lord, Hallelujah.  So, get rid of the 14th amendment.  It will solve all the problems for America and you will thank me for it later on.

By the way, there's an added bonus, if you get rid of the 14th amendment today then you can skip from the 13th amendment all the way to the 15th. That's right, less reading for you and more time to watch 'Dancing with the Stars'.  But you have to act quickly since this offer only lasts before the 'Dancing with the Stars' is canceled, which I hear the liberals want to do.  So, call your congressman today and ask for the: ERASE THE 14th AMENDMENT 'DANCING WITH THE STARS' SPECIAL and you'll get the added bonus right away.

In summary, get rid of the 14th amendment, it's one less amendment for the evil socialists - no more illegals and anchor babies. Plus, more Dancing with the Tarts for you, and everyone will be happy!

So, call the number below and ask for the ERASE the 14th amendment Dancing with the Stars, no more illegal aliens, Special Bonus today. Here is the # (855) ERASE-14.  Again, the number is (855) 372-7314.
(check with your carrier for your calling rates.   Sorry, but now that I am a Tea Party member, you're on your own).

No 14th Amendment, no anchor babies, no illegal aliens working anymore at Chipotle, no Muslims building ground-zero mosques, no communists talking about spreading wealth.  Anyone else born in the US from now on won’t become an American – and, the best part, less reading for whoever is still an American!  Move over, Sarah Palin, move over Glenn Beck, move over Russ Pearce I should be the next President.

So, if you ever thought that corporations outsourcing middle class jobs were to blame for America’s problems, or that the donations both Republicans and Democrats get from multinational corporations, or the rich banks who evict working class people from their homes, or the CEO’s who make millions of dollars off the Iraq and Afghan wars while soldiers and innocent people keep dying.. if you ever thought they were to blame for the problems in America,  news flash… you’re wrong.  Just ask FOX news.  The rich folk love you and they will do everything for you, it's anchor babies who hate you. 

Wall Street and its corporate mind frame will not ever take your jobs away, corporations don’t steal, they care about poor people.  The real thieves are socialists, liberals and illegal aliens.   But, like I told you, I broke ranks with those evil brainwashing commie pigs.  I was watching FOX news and I caught wind of the truth, thank God!

The other news outlets, all they talk about is the bank bailouts that the wealthy got, but that’s not important. You know what else is not important?  The war budgets that cost America over $100 Billion dollars a year.. or how the rich and wealthy CEO's keep getting millions of dollars in huge bonuses every month while working and lower class Americans stand on the unemployment line.. forget the global warming issue, global warming doesn't even exist... but Anchor Babies and illegal immigrants - they definitely exist.  They are the real problem and the real threat to America.

I admit this because, as I said, I need to repent my evil socialist ways and be a good little capitalist from now on.  As a matter of fact, listen to something evil I did.  It’s unchristian, unholy!   So, I caution you to read it carefully and pray to the Lord for protection while you read this below.  It’s horrific.

When I was a baby I had a neighbor, who was also a baby, named Sally (who my illegal alien mother calls Gringa).  Anyway, Sally went with her mommy to the supermarket because she ran out of diapers.

But when they returned from the market Sally was crying.  So, while I was drooling (remember, I was a baby when this happened), I asked her... "Sally, why are you crying?"  Little Sally told me her mommy needed to buy diapers for her.. so they went to the market but they didn't find any diapers because they were all sold out.  So, she was crying cause all she could do now was poop in her favorite Osh Kosh pants.

That moment is when I realized how much the real America was suffering.  But what I did not tell little Sally is that, earlier that same day, my illegal parents had gone to that very same market and bought all the diapers that were in there because it is their sole mission to taketh everything away from the real America.

Yes, I had all the diapers in my McMansion while little Sally was forced to poop in her favorite pants.

Too bad, little Sally. Poop in your Osh Kosh pants while I poop in my diapers.  Ah, yes, anchor babies get to have everything the real Americans need and deserve.... we taketh while they needeth.   I love America.

Thank you, America, I keep getting a free ride. Yes, my undocumented parents – oops, I slipped… I mean, my illegal alien parents take your jobs away... forget the middle class higher wage jobs that CEO's keep shipping abroad... I’m talking about the minimum wage jobs that all the 'real' Americans want and beg for.  My evil parents happily take those jobs away, while I happily steal diapers from 'real' American babies.

Why do we do this?  Cause that is what an evil socialist does, we try to spread the wealth for us. But, please, believe me when I tell you that I don't want to be this way anymore because I see HIS white light and I want to make it to baby heaven.  So, spread the word to end this evil invasion of the anchor babies and illegal aliens, plus the communists and Muslims too.  Tell everyone you know to read this too.

Wait, come to think of it.. who would've ever thought a baby could write online, and much less an anchor baby speaking the English language? This is worrisome and it means that I, an anchor baby, can easily assimilate into American culture. Anyway, too bad my parents don't speak English. Oh, well, they're such immigrants anyway. Ha, ha, ha. Think about, if I am just a baby now and I have my own website.. then who knows what evil I will havoc when I grow up!! I might even get a job at Chipotle. Ha, ha, ha!!

-    The Anchor Baby